Purchasing your Betta

Care for the Betta properly and they certainly are a treat to view and will provide an interesting addition to any room or office desk. With regular tank maintenance and avoiding over-feeding, your Betta will most likely live an entire and happy life.

Because Bettas can be shy, they appreciate floating plants, which could be purchased for the most part local fish shops. These will assist to block some from the light and still provide shady areas. Generally speaking, dimmer lighting tends to make more calm and fewer stressed out fish. As such, a decreased wattage light bulb should be used for lighting the betta tank. Keep the tank's light on for eight or less hours every day. A timer will help achieve this.

Because betta fish are natural surface feeders, you want to do your best to be sure your fish begin to see the food because it enters the tank for your fish. You can do this by dropping the meals in front of his mouth where there is no mistaking what is actually taking place.

As you may know, two males really should not be kept together inside the same tank as they will fight for territory, resulting in the fish's other common name of "Siamese Fighting Fish."

Painted Betta - this fish commonly has a round tail and smaller fins. Most of the time these are a gold color and have three stripes that run down their entire body. They also have green edges on their fins.

7. What are the Different Types of Betta Fish Available?

When keeping a betta as a pet, remember he should be fed often. You don't want your fish welcome to betta fish top get so desperate and starved that they starts eating the lily roots as they has no other option.

I always remember the saying "It's easy when you know how..." when I get asked this question because when I first started breeding Betta Fish it took me ages to discover the difference from your male along with a female...

Bettas are magnificent species considering the variety of unique facets that will make them one of the most loved fish in the world. Understanding betta fish care and exactly how they work and live assures you a happy and very long time with your finned friend.

Male Bettas are fish with long vibrant colored fins and tails. What so many people are not aware of, however, is the fact that there are kinds of betas, with many different different tail shapes: Veiltail, Crowntail, Combtail, Fantail, Halfsun, Rosetail and more. Both sexes will flare and puff up their gills to check more impressive, though the male normally stands out, since the females may be drab when compared.